Daybreak is a contemporary, limited edition, digital art print, describing that magical transition from the dark night into the light of the day. It is an atmospheric, but strong, semi abstract image in a simple, paired back colour scheme, combining punchy and vibrant, reds and greens, also using the whole tonal range from bright white to deepest black. It has a modern, somewhat geometric feel contrasting both soft and muted areas with flat bold colour that are linked by energetic line drawing.
‘Daybreak’ is a piece of digital art, a term describing a process that produces an original print using a computer or tablet. Carole’s digital art starts with her paintings, which she layers together. She experiments by adding to and taking away parts of the image, changing and altering each individual layer. Many paths may be followed and rejected until an entirely new and exciting image emerges.

Image size35cm x 35cm (Aprox. size when framed 53cm x 53cm)
MediumDigital Art