Candy Colours- Digital Art
‘Candy Colours’ is a flight of fancy – a semi abstract landscape of trees and water, imagined in dream-like colours. It is a vibrant and hot colour scheme with patches of magenta and pink and oranges set against neutral greys. These flat coloured areas and contrasted with plenty of fine linear detail and texture.
The term Digital Art describes a process that produces an original image using a computer or tablet. Carole’s digital art starts with her paintings which she imports into the computer and then layers together, experimenting with whole or parts of the image. She may add drawing or painting to the image, change or alter individual layers in her search for new and interesting abstractions. Many paths may be followed and rejected, until an entirely new and exciting image emerges.
Carole sees her experiments in digital art as very much a stage in the development of an idea and these new abstractions frequently inspire new work in a circular fashion.

Image size35cm x 35cm
MediumDigital Art